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Services for individuals

Estate Planning

Everybody at a certain stage of his live has to face the issue of wealth transfer to the next generation. We shall highly advise entrepreneurs to think earlier about estate planning.

Increase of live expectancy and reduction of birth rate have already started to transform demography of industrialized countries. Entrepreneur with high income aged 40 to 50 years old has advantage to take estate arrangements. He will be concerned by question on preservation and control on his wealth, on distribution of profit to heirs and continuation of sufficiant revenues in a phase of retirement.

Multifiduciaire Léman SA is particularly well equipped to advise clients on estate matters. We take into account constant changes in estate laws and to optimise the tax burden.

Our sister company MULTI GROUP FINANCE SA, proposes professional services in Wealth Management.

Private Client Tax

Private client tax is one of our main fields of activity. We provide comprehensive and proactive tax solutions to our clients.

Our specific services include:

  • Double taxation treaties
  • Foreign income repatriations
  • Incorporation of trusts and foundations
  • Lump-sum taxation negotiation
  • Tax declarations
  • Relations with fiscal authorities