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Economic Advisory

Accounting service

In Switzerland, following type of enterprises have an obligation to maintain accounting and to present accounts according to rules under Code of obligations (art. 957 and fs):
  • Corporate bodies(SA, LLC, cooperatives, associations and foundations)
  • Individual companies and partnerships (sociétés en nom collectif) which have realized a turnover more than CHF 500’000 in the last fiscal year.

Individual companies which turnover doesn’t exceed CHF 500’000 have at minimum a simplified accounting with only revenues, charges and inventory.

Entrepreneur should go for accounting only if he benefits from necessary resources. Namely in time and personal.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management, from the point of view of the treatment itself, to outsource this non-strategic function optimises the ratio cost/compliance, guarantees a flexible organization and a respect of deadlines. Therefore the client can concentrate his workforce on high added-value tasks.

Business plan

You are an entrepreneur with an idea which may be your passion or you are a company willing to extend its operations. The conversion of this idea into a concrete enterprise goes through drafting a business plan. Bankers, investors and potential partners are over flooded by financing requests; they need to be convinced to invest time and money in a project.

Multifiduciaire Léman SA has acquired a large experience in drafting clear and brief business plans. We can help you to promote your project to banks, risk capital companies and other financial establishments.

Analysis, Reorganization and Restructuring

How the company is running? What are the market trends? Will my company be able to survive the changes in market environment? To survive the changes what should be the strategy? What proactive actions should be taken to maintain or gain advantage over the competitors? An objective analysis of the external environment and internal operations will help you to take strategic decisions when there is uncertainty about the factors influencing your business.

Multifiduciaire Léman SA advises and assists its clients for restructuring and reorganization according to two options.

We assure the taken actions in order that the organizational restructuring is consistent and is part of an organized action plan. The action plan is developed by a team of multidisciplinary experts actively consulting the management of the company.